Record Your Trucking Tribute + Preserve Your Stories of Building America

Record Your Trucking Tribute at Macungie Truck Show June 16 + 17!

Macungie Memorial Park

The Nuss Collection is creating a “Trucking Tribute–Dedicated to Building America” digital vault to capture YOUR legacy stories about your experience with the trucking industry to last for future generations. Whether you drove a truck, sold trucks, own historical trucks, or were part of the men and women who helped build America, we want to hear from YOU. It’s the trucks that bring us together but it’s the people and the friendships and the stories that create lasting memories.

We will be capturing videos June 16-17, at the Mucungie show.

Please fill out this form to get on the list! We will send instructions on your timeslot and where to go once you have been selected.

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