In Honor Page

In Honor Page

There are many individuals who stand behind The Nuss Collection, instrumental for their contributions to the trucking industry. Many of the refurbished trucks in this collection have been researched, acquired, and restored by the skill and dedication of these individuals. This collection, and the preservation of the American trucking legacy, are fostered by their powerful influence and passion for sharing history through these powerful vehicles.

The Nuss family is grateful for the influence and inspiration of so many friends who came together to keep history alive through this collection. These friendships with like-minded historians around the world have become, in many ways, even more, important than the trucks themselves!

Ron Carey

Canadian businessman, philanthropist, and passionate automobile restorer, Ron Carey made his start in the oil business and founded J&L Supply Co. in 1973. His love for oil and gasoline-powered vehicles stemmed from a passion for collecting and restoring vintage automobiles, gas pumps, and memorabilia from a variety of petroleum companies. Over the years, Ron and his team collected and restored one of the world’s largest collections of vintage automobiles and artifacts. This collection was generously donated to Heritage Park in Calgary, Canada to form a new museum called Gasoline Alley.

Ron Carey had a profound impact on the preservation of the historic North American automobile industry and became a generous advisor to The Nuss Collection. Ron was a dear friend and inspiration to Greg Nuss and the Nuss family. Committed to making history and these beautiful artifacts available to the public, Ron was a dedicated ally working alongside Greg to develop The Nuss Collection as it is today. Ron passed away in 2019 but his influence can be seen in the historic rebuilt trucks throughout the collection.

Tom Spencer

Tom Spencer is a name that won’t be forgotten in the world of antique trucks. A vehicle enthusiast from a young age, Tom spent the early part of his life driving trucks and tinkering with any machinery he could get his hands on. As his interest and talent for working with vehicles grew, Tom began to offer his services as an antique truck restorer. While he worked on a wide range of makes and models, restoring old Mack trucks was his specialty and he was quickly recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in the restoration of Mack AC models.

Tom dedicated much of his life traveling around the country rescuing old Mack trucks and restoring them for the enjoyment of historians and enthusiasts everywhere. It is because of Tom Spencer that the world’s only known surviving 1930 Mack BL has been preserved and made available to the public. Over the years, Tom restored trucks for individuals, museums, and even Paramount Pictures but especially for the many generations to come.

Tom passed away in 2021 but his legacy lives on through his trucks and the many museums and collections that he helped restore. Tom was a dear friend and inspiration to the Nuss family. His work over the years, and mentorship in the compilation of The Nuss Collection, was a gift not just to the Nuss family but to the many Americans who will enjoy the collection for years to come.