Mack Historical Overview

Mack Historical Overview

The Nuss Collection highlights Mack Trucks and their rich legacy in Building America

Mack Trucks carry an important role in modern history and the acceleration of American infrastructure in the first half of the twentieth century. Originally called the Mack Brothers Company, Mack Trucks, Inc. was founded in 1900 by brothers John and Gus Mack. Inspired by the advent of the automobile industry, the Mack brothers manufactured the first New York City bus, an open cab, 20 passenger cruiser designed for touring Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. The immediate success of this initial project opened the gates for the production of heavy motorized vehicles as the Mack brothers continued to push forward, innovating with new ideas.

By 1905, the country was on the move, in many ways thanks to Mack Trucks. Bus manufacturing continued to be a success and the Mack brothers continued to push forward as they began producing rail cars and locomotives. Heavy motorized hauling vehicles quickly followed and Mack became not just a national, but a global success, serving as the primary supplier of trucks to Allied troops during World War I.

Continually expanding its production line, dump trucks, construction vehicles, fire trucks, and military support trucks all followed within the next few decades. By the 1930s, Mack Trucks, Inc. helped build the Empire State Building, the Hoover Dam, and even the New York City subway system. Standing at the frontlines, Mack supported Allied Troops again through World War II by manufacturing over 35,000 vehicles to transport soldiers, tanks and more.

Mack Trucks. legacy has grown continually and is consistently recognized for its hallmark quality, durability, and innovation.

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