Welcome to The Nuss Collection, Legacy of Innovation

As they celebrate 60+ years in the trucking and service industry, the Nuss family is proud to share The Nuss Collection. The Nuss Collection is a tribute to the trucking industry of the early to mid 1900s. Beginning with the early inventions from Mack Trucks, Inc. this collection follows the story of American innovation and the pioneering vehicles that built our iconic infrastructure from the first skyscrapers to the national highway system. Featuring carefully preserved antique Mack trucks and construction vehicles, this collection salutes the powerful machines responsible for Building America and every truckload in between.

The Nuss Collection is the result of the Nuss family’s longtime dedication to keeping businesses on the move and their passion for vintage vehicles. This collection has been the dedicated hobby of Greg Nuss, Vice-President and COO of Nuss Truck & Equipment and is shared by the entire family.

After many years of hard work and an ongoing commitment to restore this part of history to the American people, the Nuss family is overjoyed to make this collection available to you and your family. Tours are available by appointment, please contact the curator for details.